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-Two input channels
-5 Band EQs
-Speaker controls
-Headphone jack
-Ext. Spkr. Jack
-Send / Return
-120/240 Volts
-16 digital effects
-Lead Free
-Only $1499

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Jazzkat continues to innovate far beyond other amplifier companies and we have done it again!

The new TomKat is here and while it has maintained  the same warm, clean sound it is best known for we have added several features that provides the player more versatility.

We have improved the port tuning for even greater low end response and added our innovative DRE circuitry allowing the player more control over their mid and high  frequencies.

Our amplifiers deliver enough power providing you with the dynamic headroom you need to reproduce your notes without clipping

And we have made sure that the TomKat for all its power and rich features is still lightweight and easy to carry.

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